Sedum tile project

This is what a sedum tile looks like.
Do you recall how I wrote about the "sedum tiles" I saw at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in February? (see post)

Sedum tiles are large mats of succulent stonecrops that the company Etera has been marketing this year. They come in sheets that are 15" x 20" and can be used for a wide range of purposes. For example, they work beautifully for creating a green roof. If you want to put groundcovers around stepping stones or along the edges of decks or pathways, they're a great solution.

On the back side of the tiles is a fiber mat and black netting to hold everything together. That's what the roots grow into.

The folks at Etera kindly sent me a sedum tile earlier this year to try in my own landscape. I've had it in my greenhouse for a few months now and was finally ready to work on my own project yesterday. (hey, it's been a busy spring for me!)
Uncovering the stepping stones...

I have a narrow pathway that leads from our water garden room into our large vegetable garden. There are large stones on the path which used to be surrounded by landscape bark.

I moved the bark out of the way and dug a few inches down around the perimeter of each stone. Then all I had to do was cut small strips off the tile and place them wherever they were needed. Once that was done, I watered them in well and will be watering every couple of days so the plants aren't stressed by our warm weather and so they can easily root.
The finished project, at least for now!

I know it doesn't look like much yet but I'm excited to see how it does over the next couple of months.

Etera is selling the sedum tiles at local home centers like Home Depot. You can also place larger orders through Etera's website.